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Artist    |    Italian Painter from Tuscany
1944 – 2013

Bruno Del Bianco

Bruno Del Bianco was born on 5 April 1944 in Vorno, a small town located in the hills between Lucca and Pisa in Tuscany, Italy from a butcher father and a fervent Catholic mother. In 1968, he moved to Florence, the city of cultural revolutions and historical cradle of Italian art. Immersed in the Florentine Renaissance, he was mainly inspired by Flemish painting, the philosophy and explosion of styles of early modern art all the way to the contemporary informal American pictorial style. His mediums ranged from pencils to markers, oils, tempera, chalk, inks, charcoals up to pure pigments with sand.

His mind was also nourished by the world of esotericism, Eastern philosophy, and Indian Buddhism. These were his guides on the path of spiritual growth and elevation.

His constant experimentation and artistic evolution mirror his desire to achieve a “Neo-Renaissance” as he himself affirmed. His “Journey” as an artist was dedicated to the path exploring within, which divides his work into 4 periods.

Artwork phases

Inner World

1960 to 1972

Oniric Guides

1973 to 1982


1983 to 1995

The Light

1996 to 2013

His Legacy, Our Mission

The collection of more than 800 artworks by Bruno Del Bianco is managed by his son Lorenzo Del Bianco and Juliana Gatt, his partner and art curator. From the maison atelier in Lucca to international exhibitions, his art can finally be admired by the public.

I remember my father in his studio, the smell of paints, the creative chaos, his saying “painting is for those who have the strength and the courage to dare”. The man is no longer among us, but the artist is more alive than ever.

Lorenzo Del Bianco

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